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Project Description
Darskade is a kind of Learning Management System (LMS as a branch of CMS) and its main goal is to help professors and teacher assistants to manage classes, communicate with students, upload course contents ,put assignments and grades on it and more.

This project is an educational project of course Software Engineering 2 at Iran University of Science and Technology (IUST). So the main goal is regarding software engineering rules to make an standard software, in this case a LMS system.

  • Sina Momken
  • Razieh Akbari
  • Marzieh Ahmadi
  • Mina Salehi
  • Behnaz Dashtaki
  • Hale AsgariNia

  • Dr. Behrouz Minaei
  • Mr. Mehrdad Ashtiani

It should get completed until end of semester Fall 2010 in 4 phases.

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